Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers

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How to create your own website or online store?

It's easy to create your own website or online store:

Step 1: Register for Vigbo
Step 2: Choose a tariff in your personal cabinet and pay for it in any convenient way.
Step 3: After the payment you will be able to create your own website based on any design from the catalogue and fill it out.
Step 4: When your site is ready, run it under your unique domain.

How do you help your customers create a website?

We have developed detailed service instructions and manuals. But if you have any questions, you can always contact technical support through your personal cabinet. Technical support specialists work 7 days a week from 8:00 to 20:00 a.m. on weekdays and from 10:00 to 18:00 p.m. on weekends.

How to pay for the tariff?

Customers from Russia can pay the tariff with a bank card, via Yandex.Money, Qiwi, or by a receipt at a bank branch. Customers from other countries can pay by bank card and PayPal.

Can I make changes to the finished design from the catalogue?

Yes, you can change the finished design. In the site management system you can create your own color scheme, choose the types of galleries and pages, change the location of the logo, menu and much more. Design - is the basis of your site, which you can fully customize for yourself.

Can I add additional features to my site that are not available on Vigbo?

We don't customize websites for specific customers, but we are constantly developing our service and adding new features. Improvements and new features automatically appear on all sites and are available to all clients. We are glad to see your wishes for adding new features on our portal for collecting ideas.

If you want to add a third-party service, such as a callback service or an online consultant, it's easy to do it yourself. You just need to insert the third-party service code into the site.

Is it possible to change the design of the site in the future?

You can always change the design for free to any other one, and you don't have to fill it up again. All texts, photos and videos will be automatically transferred to the new design.

Can I buy a site and place it on my hosting?

Unfortunately, the site from Vigbo can not be placed on a third-party hosting. We host client sites that are configured for our service, and this allows us to quickly add new features and capabilities to all sites at the same time.

Can I create a website on the "Standard" tariff and then switch to "Business"?

Yeah, you can. In order to migrate to the "Business" tariff you need to pay the difference between the tariffs taking into account the remaining paid period. After the bill is paid, an online store will be connected to your site. To change the tariff, write to the technical support in your personal cabinet.

How many sites per tariff can I create?

You can create up to five test sites in your personal cabinet on the Vigbo website builder, but you can only run one site under your unique domain.

What is the difference between "Business" tariff and "Standard" tariff?

In the tariff "Business" is available online store and the ability to accept payment through the site. Other technical capabilities of the sites on both tariffs are the same.

Can I create a catalog of products on the "Standard" tariff?

No. The catalogue of goods is available only on the tariff "Business".

Do I have to pay for hosting separately?

No, you don't have to pay for hosting. The Vigbo website builder offers unlimited disk space on both tariffs: you can create any number of pages on the site and upload as many photos as you want.

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Can I change the logo on the site?

Yes, the logo on the site can be changed. You can upload an image or create a text logo directly in the control system by selecting a font, size, color.

What are the options for managing the site?

You can create and edit the content of the site yourself: logo, menu, site structure, sections, photo and video galleries and much more. For more information on the control system, please see the "Help Desk" section.

How do I try to manage my site before I pay?

You can try the management system of any site before you pay. When viewing a particular site in the directory, select any design and click on the link "Try to manage" you will go to the site management system.

Do you have instructions and manuals for working with the site?

Yes, we have prepared detailed guidelines for working with the site. All manuals can be found in the "Help Center" section.

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What is a domain or site name?

Domain is the address of the site where clients find it on the Internet, for example,

How much is the domain?

Domain in the zone ru - 900 rubles / year ($ 15 / year for users outside Russia), in the zone com - 1200 rubles / year (20 $ / year for users outside Russia). Domain name price includes SSL certificate, which allows using HTTPS protocol. Thanks to the HTTPS protocol, the data that users leave on the site will be reliably protected and will not fall into the hands of fraudsters. In the user's browser, your site will be marked as secure. You can register a domain in your personal cabinet on Vigbo or any other service.

Who owns the domain?

When registering a domain, you specify your data, so the domain belongs only to you.

How long does it take to register a domain?

The domain is registered for one year, and then every year you can renew your domain registration.

Can I register multiple domains and all of them will lead to one site?

Yes, you can register multiple domains and specify which sites they will host. You can configure several different domains to lead to the same site.

Can I use my domain?

If you already have a domain, you can use it for the Vigbo site.
For more information on how to connect a domain to the site, you can see in the manual.

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Can I use SEO promotion for a site created on Vigbo?

Yes, you can customize the key tags title, keywords, description, alt tags for images, change the robots.txt file, and configure page forwarding if necessary.

Can I order a promotion service from you?

If you are not ready to promote the site or you need professional help, you can contact our specialist. More information about SEO-optimization service is in the manual.

Can I install Yandex.Metrics and Google.Analytics on the site?

You can connect Yandex.Metrics and Google.Analytics in one click on the Vigbo website builder. In addition, you can configure the display of statistics from Google.Analytics directly in the site management system to quickly view the main indicators - the number of visitors, the number of refusals, the duration of stay on the site, the percentage of new visits.